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21st Symposium: Turbomachinery Measuring

22-23 March - 2012

United Kingdom

Conference on Thermal Energy Management

26 March - 2012

United Kingdom

The Energy Institute training course

27-29 March - 2012

United Kingdom

20th PIN Meeting

2 May - 2012


6th International Conference: Thermal Engineering

22-25 May - 2011


8th ECI International Conference

3-7 June - 2012


Sustainable Energy In Buildings

14-20 October - 2012

SEBUA-12 Sustainable Energy In Buildings And Urban Areas

14 – 20 October 2012, Turkey


Maximum three-page abstract due: February 1, 2012

The International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer (ICHMT) is pleased to announce an International Symposium on Sustainable Energy in Buildings and Urban Areas, SEBUA-12, to take place at a five-star resort area in Turkey.


Nowadays, it is acknowledged the great importance of energy consumption in buildings, which is estimated at about 40% of energy consumed at the national levels. The European Commission published three directives that impose actions for energy efficiency and clean energy in buildings and urban areas (EPBD 2010/31/EC, REN 2009/28/EC, and ESD 32/2006/EC), while worldwide green energy policies are adopted to protect the environment and ensure a sustainable energy approach for our entire planet.

Scientific communities from all over the world are working on new sustainable energy solutions (technologies, new design principles and tools, BEMS’s, smart grids, smart consumers etc.). The symposium aims to provide an international forum for the presentation, exchange of ideas and creation of knowledge in recent advances on various aspects of theories, analysis, and applications of sustainable energy principles with regard to efficiency, availability and environment protection when envisioned for the buildings and urban areas of our near future.


Sustainable energy technologies
Sustainable energy sources for buildings
Energy efficient architecture
Energy efficiency design tools
Energy efficient building models
Smart grids for smart neighborhoods (energy generation and distribution)
Building/neighborhood energy management systems (energy consumption)
Building monitoring and control intelligent systems (intelligent BEMS)
Energy efficiency policies and legal frameworks with international impact

In addition to contributed papers, there will be a number of invited lectures and a panel discussion. Details of these will be announced at a later date on the SEBUA'12 website, http://www.ichmt.org/sebua-12. An Open Forum session will give authors an opportunity to present new work, or work in progress, which is not yet ready for review.

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