Upcoming Meetings & Conferences


21st Symposium: Turbomachinery Measuring

22-23 March - 2012

United Kingdom

Conference on Thermal Energy Management

26 March - 2012

United Kingdom

The Energy Institute training course

27-29 March - 2012

United Kingdom

20th PIN Meeting

2 May - 2012


6th International Conference: Thermal Engineering

22-25 May - 2011


8th ECI International Conference

3-7 June - 2012


Sustainable Energy In Buildings

14-20 October - 2012

Thermacore Activities

Thermacore - see www.thermacore.com - has plants in the USA and in the UK (Ashington, Northumberland), and are active HEXAG and PIN members. The company is perhaps best known for its work on heat pipes, but thermal management in a broader context more accurately describes the company's activities.

In mid-2011 the Company supplied a number of constant conductance heat pipes and a high thermal conductivity structural material to NASA in the USA. These are described below with appropriate links:

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