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R3 Fusion - Active in Process Intensification

Roshan Jachuck, who many HEXAG and PIN members will remember when he was at Newcastle University, recently sent me data on the company he set up in the USA - R3 Fusion and where he is Chief Technical Officer. It is described as a 'green technology' company, and Roshan's profile, from the company web site, is given below, together with a press notice concerning one of the company's products,.

We wish Roshan well in his enterprise.

Dr Roshan Jachuck (Founder, President & CTO)

Dr Jachuck is the President and Chief technical Officer (CTO) of R3 Fusion. He is also a Research Professor at Clarkson University and is internationally known for his work in the field of Process Intensification. He has developed several novel process technologies and has contributed to over 12 patents and has over 100 publications. Due to his excellent scientific track record and his successful interaction with industry he received a ‘Faculty Development Program’ award from NYSTAR in 2003, which encouraged him to move from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, to Clarkson University. At Newcastle he was the Director of the Process Intensification and Innovation Centre. On behalf of Clarkson University, he plays a key role for the "Pollution Prevention Institute" established by the DEC in New York. In 2007 he was nominated by Governor Patterson of New York State to be a member of the Advisory Committee for the State on issues related to Green Procurement. He has chaired several AIChE sessions on process intensification and has participated in many conferences in Europe, USA, India and New Zealand. See www.r3fusion.com

R3 Fusion to Exhibit Benefit of SPaCeR Evaporation Technology

Published on August 23, 2011 at 3:46 AM
By Cameron Chai

R3 Fusion, a cleantech company engaged in the development and commercial application of process intensification technology, has obtained an order from Li3 Energy, a developmental stage firm in the lithium mining and energy sector, to investigate the application of R3 Fusion’s in house evaporation technology to process lithium-containing chemicals and brines.

R3 Fusion has developed the short path condensate recovery (SPaCeR) technology that is capable of efficient separation of pure water from various fluids such as frac water, industrial waste streams and briny solutions. The technology eliminates the need for membranes or chemicals.

Chief Operating Officer of Li3 Energy, Thomas Currin stated that the company is delighted to work with R3 Fusion to assess the application of SPaCeR technology for Li3 Energy’s Maricunga project. If the assessment is successful, the technology is expected to reduce the processing times for the clean distilled water collection and to significantly decrease capital expenditures. These benefits would enhance the total financial economics and minimize commercial production time.

R3 Fusion's Founder and CTO, Dr. Roshan Jachuck, remarked that the natural processes used to recover lithium from brines are extremely slow. The company has received the current order to demonstrate the major advantage of the SPaCeR technology for the above application.

Source: http://www.li3energy.com/

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