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21st Symposium: Turbomachinery Measuring

22-23 March - 2012

United Kingdom

Conference on Thermal Energy Management

26 March - 2012

United Kingdom

The Energy Institute training course

27-29 March - 2012

United Kingdom

20th PIN Meeting

2 May - 2012


6th International Conference: Thermal Engineering

22-25 May - 2011


8th ECI International Conference

3-7 June - 2012


Sustainable Energy In Buildings

14-20 October - 2012

Pera And The Eu 7th Framework Programme

I met Tony Lesowiec, Head of Commercial Partnering at PERA for a discussion at Newcastle University in December.

Tony told me about the success that PERA has enjoyed in linking into the European Commission R&D programmes and facilitating the partnering of organisations wishing to benefit from the Framework programmes - a task I undertook in the context of the 4th Framework Programme for organisations such as NEL at East Kilbride and Heriot-Watt University.

Tony subsequently sent me the following that outlines the role PERA can play within the current calls for proposals;

Seventh Heaven - How to secure European Union funding for development and a direct route to market for manufacturing businesses

In these uncertain financial times, seeking out new funding and new ways to bring ideas to market is more vital than ever. But actually securing string free funding, as many companies will recognise only too well, can often be a specialism in itself. For those involved in the development of new ideas, new products and new services, the good news is that sustainable technologies is an attractive theme for funding through the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development – more commonly known as FP7, and some of the hot topics to attract funding include process intensification and manufacturing systems.

So what exactly is FP7? The answer is certainly simpler than its name. FP7 enables companies with an interest in developing innovation in key sectors to seek funding at a European Union level. And that, as you can imagine, can mean millions of pounds in financial support. FP7 have helpfully bundled all research-related European Union initiatives together under one common roof. Due to the ambition of the European Union’s Lisbon Strategy to become the "most dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world", there are a great number of such initiatives out there – especially when you include all the EU development programmes and support measures that have sprouted over recent years. Thanks to FP7, companies now have easier access to the knowledge-support funding that is currently available at EU level.

Companies wanting to develop new commercial opportunities who wish to discuss funding further – in particular through FP7 – and development opportunities available to bring their innovative new ideas, products and services to market can contact Pera's Tony Lesowiec on +44 (0)1664 501455 (e-mail tony.lesowiec@pera.com) for further information. Tony Lesowiec is Head of Commercial Partnering at Pera, one of Europe's leading innovation and business support organisations. Tony has 18 years experience in accessing funds for businesses.

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