Latest News:

Next HEXAG Meeting
Postponed until July 2021
at Queen Mary University London (QMUL)

36th HEXAG Meeting
- July 2019
Selection of papers available for download

35th HEXAG Meeting
- June 2018
Selection of papers available for download

34th HEXAG Meeting
- June 2017
Selection of papers available for download

Next HEXAG Meeting
- 20 June 2017
at Newcastle University

Welcome to HEXAG

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HEXAG is a group of organisations involved in the manufacture and use of heat exchangers or with interests in the further development of heat exchanger technology. Currently there are some 300 members from a range of organisations.

HEXAG provides a regular forum for the interchange of information on all aspects of advances in heat exchanger technology. This encourages collaboration between manufacturers, users and researchers in the further development of advanced exchangers and helps to stimulate the industrial use of the technology.

The group provides industry with information which enables them to make informed decisions on supporting development activities and on the application of advanced exchangers. The transfer of information between members is achieved through regular meetings of the group, through a newsletter and through a newsgroup.

HEXAG was originally funded by the Department of Trade & Industry under its Programme for Supporting Technology Transfer .